19/11/2013 - Comoros islands - 2 nd regional forum for business women in the indian ocean

"To value the feminine know-how in the exchanges of Indian-océanie " was the theme of the meeting(appointment) in the Palace of the People in Moroni.Within to the recommendations taken at the end of the 1st Forum Indian Ocean on the feminine entrepreneurship in October, 2012, the women expressed their need to develop more the economic exchanges between 5 member countries of EFOI.
The regional steering committee decided to gather again the women entrepreneurs, with for objective, the identification of concrete projects to the advantage of their companies.
This year, this forum is organized by EFOICOM under the aegis of EFOI, and in partnership with the Indian Ocean Commission (COI).For better exchange between countries, conferences will highlight information on the access to the financing, the various procedures of import of goods as well as the normalization and the food reassurance of products in the Comoros for the import-export.
The organizers of this forum planned exhibition stands of the feminine know-how of 5 countries of Indian Ocean to allow the women entrepreneurs to realize quality and successfully B to B exchanges.




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