26/05/2008 - 3 rd Meeting of the business women iof indian ocean islandsn

Delegations are welcomed at the soccer Home of Mahé by Mrs Jenny Ah Kong in presence of Mrs Bazi of the COI and Mrs Clair, commissioner of Rodrigues.
The works begin with a speech of the officials which Mrs Minister of employment and Development of the Republic of Seychelles.
The annual reports of the countries are presented and a workshop is bound by the Reunion delegation about the definition and the subject of advice for a good networking.
Several reflections are undertaken on the necessary resources for the good functioning of the network of the women entrepreneurs and the needs in strengthening of capacity as well as one encouragement in the action.
Following this meeting, the criteria of membership to the network were as well established as to define a procedure for the update of the portal efoi.biz
Precise measures are to be defined during a workshop so that the profiles TIC of every island can harmonize the data to be put on-line.
We lifted the idea as well as a technical coordinator would be essential to rest the profiles TIC of the network.



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