June 2016 - Women's forum Mauritius

French business women of Reunion island was in Mauritius 20-21 th of june for the Women's Forum Mauritius 2016 with the sponsoring of regional concil of Reunion island. 

The largest challenge that all African countries, including the SIDS, now face is to achieve rapid innovation towards green energy and sustainable food security in an era of continued climate disruption.

Women’s leadership, vision, and ingenuity are essential if we were to better protect the world’s biodiversity and advance climate action. The Women’s Forum Mauritius will feature women who are at the forefront of the climate and biodiversity movements, bringing them together with their men counterparts in a unique meeting that will build capacity and empower those who attend.

On the agenda of the Women’s Forum Mauritius:

Climate and health: Challenges, opportunities, ways forward

Climate, agriculture, biodiversity: Challenges, opportunities, ways forward

Climate and energy: Challenges, opportunities, ways forward

Sci tech breakthroughs for biodiversity, agriculture, health, and energy

Frugal GREEN innovation

Bringing more women and youth into the innovation movement

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