10/07/2010 - Meeting of the women entrepreneurs network of the Indian Ocean at Reunion Island

The 5th Meeting of the women entrepreneurs of Indian Ocean gathering the women of Madagascar, Seychelles, Comoros, Maurice, Rodriguez and Reunion Island was qualified as real successful for the region by Madam Susan M' Pandé, representative of the African Development Bank as well as the international partners who had the happiness of discovering a geographical underestimated zone with which they wish to matter in the future. Among the international non-governmental and governmental organizations, were present the Women association World Business manager ( FCEM), the African Feminine Entrepreneurship Center( CAEF), the Indian Ocean Commission as well as the EVE - OLUTION foundation.

Those organisations agreed to support the Indian Ocean region by supporting with the regional network EFOI a future competition which will identify the 2 best Entrepreneurs women for aech island and on criteria of leadership for the region.
It's in this context that the Union of the Chambers of Commerce and industry of Indian Ocean invited the network to take the tribune during the next Forum of the islands which will take place from 19 till 22 October 2010 in Seychelles.
This meeting as well as its works were placed under the sign of the sustainable development and the export.



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