03-04 october 2016 -The 7th regional steering comitte EFOI

The 7th regional steering comittee EFOI took place on october 4th and 5th 2016 in Cotton Bay in the presence of the delegations of 5 members countries of the women's entrepreneur network. 

The agenda allowed the following works:
1) Report of activity 2015-2016 and follow-up of the decisions of the regional 6th Copil by countries (forced and challenges)

2) Action plans 2016-2017 by country in touch with the regional gender strategie  2015-2019.

3) The annual report and the action plan of EFTICOI.

4) The report of the regional president.

5) The election of the new regional president and her program. 

6) The exchanges on the questions of gouvernance of the regional platform EFOI.

7 ) Other questions. 

Miss Koulthoum Djamadar of IOC was there to attend the works. 

Miss Ginette Villeneuve Anaudin is the new president of EFOI network. Her team is composed with Naila Abbas and Medgéé Nanette. 

The resolutions adopted during the steering comittee promise strengthened governance and a putting in power of the projects of national platforms. 

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