One of the three islands sisters of the Mascarene Islands, with Reunion Island and Mauritius Island, Rodrigues owes its name to the Portuguese explorer Diego Rodriguez - one of the first men to set foot in this island, during the period of the big Portuguese exploration and the famous Road in Spice. Being a part) of the Republic of Maurice, and autonomous since October, 2002, Rodrigues has a square surface about 109 km2, for a population about 38 000 people. If the main language is the Creole, the Frenchman and the Englishman are common languages on the Island. Considered as the kindness of his inhabitants and for its natural landscapes still protected, it is necessary to matter 1heure and 20 minutes by plane and 36 hours by boat, from Mauritius Island  to achieve " this small end of pebble " of Indian Ocean.

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