The Republic of Madagascar is an island state, situated in the western part of Indian Ocean. Its 592 000 km surface² marries the strange shape of a left foot. His(her,its) capital is Antananarivo and its other main cities are Antsirabe, Tamatave, Fianarantsoa, Majunga, Tuléar and Diégo-Suarez.


More than 18 040 000 inhabitants (in August, 2007) among whom 52 % are women.



The history of Madagascar joins in the great adventure of the trade exchanges which are formed, from Xè century, between the various States and the kingdoms which line the banks of western Indian Ocean, then considered as an internal sea.


The island establishes itself several kingdoms, the unification of which ends in the 18è century under the monarchy of Andrianampoinimerina

05/06/2014 - First business women show in Madagascar

the 5th of june the show was opened with the First Lady of Malagasy Republic

August 2007,Tamatave (Madagascar) a network EFOI

A draft agreement (MOU) between islands

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